Tom Leighton, Alec Lunn and Mark Despault
and guests
St. Patrick's Day 2015
Waring House, Picton

with The Reasons
Peter Rea and Mike Bond
Huffs Estate Winery, Prince Edward County
July 12, 2015

At the Prince Edward County Country Jamboree
August 30, 2015
(photo courtesy of Norma Langrish)
Seventh Town
(Fraser, Meghan Balogh, Martin Smit, Trisha Elliott)
At the Irish Canadian Dry-Stone Festival, Amherst Island
September 26, 2015
Seventh Town
at the Picton Fair
September 12, 2015

Peter Rea and Fraser
Hike For Hospice, Picton
May 3, 2015
Fraser Hardman
2015-2019 Fraser Hardman
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